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by Eric Galko

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What's Included in the 2018 Draft Guide
1. Forward from Former NFL Executives
2. 300+ Thorough Scouting Reports
3. Advanced, Predictive Analytics
4. All NFL Combine Data
5. Draft Guide "Update"  Before the 2018 Draft
6. Over a Decade of Experience working with Pro Teams, Players, Agents and in the Media
Get the NFL Draft Guide Pro Teams Read, Former and Future NFL Scouts Work On, and the One That Will Make You an Expert on the 2018 NFL Draft!


This will be our 9th NFL Draft Guide here at Optimum Scouting. When we started, there were just a handful of people in the “Draft Guide” space: Russ Lande’s GM Jr, NFL Draft Scout’s work, Scout’s Inc. online work, and a few others.

Optimum Scouting started a Draft Guide almost 10 years ago because our staff had compiled many, many scouting reports for the media and our professional clients, and it was a way for fans to see inside our processes and our reports that NFL teams, CFL teams and other professionals accessed throughout the years. We work with professional clients and pro teams that make actual decisions in the draft process, not just comment on what happens. This year, we consulted for 60+ underclassmen to assist in their decision making process.

In terms of our Draft Guide, I’d put our thoroughness, accuracy and respectability among any out there. We have 300+ scouting reports. We have  analytic studies that NFL teams will get the chance to consider before making actual decisions. We’ll have forwards by former NFL executives.

We’ve seen five members of Optimum Scouting’s staff leave for NFL scouting positions or College Recruiting positions in this time. We’ve seen members of Optimum Scouting leave for major media at NFL.com, NFL Network, and Bleacher Report. I’m confident that no other scouting entity, website or learning institution has had more success than that in terms of our scouting talent getting to a position elsewhere in the league, and that's in part thanks to our process and the talent of our team each year.

That’s not to say Optimum Scouting that directly gave people opportunities elsewhere. It wasn’t. It takes a LOT to work in the NFL, or with a major college program, or as a major media member. But Optimum Scouting has always had the type of scouting talent that NFL teams value, and continue to read each year. And that's why YOU should get your copy as well.

You can find NFL Draft Guide’s all across the internet. I’m sure many of you are following at least four people who are publishing a draft guide. You can buy and skim through a lot of Draft Guides, and some are better than others.

If you want to read one you can be sure NFL teams are reading, and one that is written by former or future NFL scouts or college recruiting personnel, Optimum Scouting’s is the one you should read. And your support in rewarding our evaluators for their hard work as they work with Optimum Scouting before launching into the NFL or some other awesome scouting-based opportunity won’t be forgotten.

Get the NFL Draft Guide Pro Teams read, the one Former and Future NFL Scouts Work On, and the one That Will Make you an Expert for the 2018 NFL Draft.

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